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Dr. Hamdan, DDS

Dr. Hamdan, DDS

General Dentist


Master Of Science University Of Medical Science


Respiratory Medicine (Lung)


Education: After graduating in 1997, Dr. Hamdan enrolled in a post-graduate program in Operative Dentistry to gain more skills to do advanced root canal, restorative, and cosmetic treatments. While practicing dentistry, he never stopped improving his knowledge and skills with continuing education and courses to stay updated with the ever-evolving new fields of dentistry. Treatment Philosophy: He believes that the word “Dentist” combines a doctor, an engineer, and an artist, and that’s how he approaches dentistry using the most updated medical science, continuously improved skills and a mixed touch of art and beauty. Being empathetic with the patient’s complaints is crucial because patient satisfaction is a top priority for him. Home Life: With his encouraging wife, he is raising two great kids: His son who is looking to become a computer software engineer and his daughter who wants to become an architect-engineer. When Dr. Hamdan is free, you can find him enjoying nature, hiking, or swimming.

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